Now that the COVID-19 Health Emergency has ended, we no longer require masking for patients or staff.


However, we ask all our patrons to notify us if they are feeling unwell, so we can reschedule or take appropriate precautions.


Arrive On Time

Scheduling is staggered to prevent overlap of patients in the entry and waiting areas. Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Wash Hands

All patients are required to wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival. If gloves are worn into the practice, they must be removed and hands washed. Replacement gloves will be provided as needed.

Notify Us

If you or another member of your household develops symptoms of COVID19, you agree to notify our office immediately to help to limit the spread. As always, your identity and private health information will remain protected.

Clasped Hands

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You're in Good Hands

All door handles and commonly touched surfaces are sterilized throughout the day by our staff.

Each treatment room is cleaned between patients. New, disposable exam table covers, disposable gowns, and exam gloves are used for each patient to minimize potential exposure between patients.

Exam Gloves