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Evolve Chiropractic & Wellness is re-opening!

We’re excited to welcome you back for in-person treatment at our Boston practice. For those that prefer or may no longer be in the area, we continue to offer TeleHealth services.

For the health of our patients and staff, we have established special procedures to limit the spread of COVID19.

All in-office patients must agree to the following:


Our staff will contact each patient prior to arrival for a risk assessment. You must not have had any contact or symptoms for at least 14 days prior to your appointment.

Wear A Mask

Please wear a mask to enter the practice. If you don't have one or forget to bring one, please call or text prior to entry and our staff will bring one out to you.

Arrive On Time

Scheduling is staggered to prevent overlap of patients in the entry and waiting areas. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Early entry will not be permitted during this time.

Arrive Alone

To limit exposure, we ask that you arrive alone for your session. Please no guests or visitors at this time.

In-Office Screening
Our staff will perform a screening upon your arrival. This will include questions to assess your exposure and potential risk of infection as well as a no-touch temperature check for fever. The results will be added to your medical record for that session.
Wash Hands
All patients are required to wash their hands upon arrival. If gloves are worn into the practice, they must be removed and hands washed. Replacement gloves will be provided as needed.
Maintain Distancing
Please remain six feet apart from staff and other patients at all times. Floor signs have been placed throughout the entrance, hand-washing station, and the waiting area for your convenience.
Notify Us

If you or another member of your household develops symptoms of COVID19, you agree to notify our office immediately to help with contact tracing and to limit the spread. Please note, your identity and private health information will remain protected.

Thank You For You Understanding and Cooperation

With your help, we can limit the spread and while providing medical treatment for those in need